How to Write a Poem Correctly

Poetry is a literary work that uses beautiful words with a short, concise and clear style of language. Poetry is full of deep meaning in every barik of his words. Often poetry is used to convey a person’s feelings for his loved ones.
To write poetry, good skills are needed by the author, namely the power of imagination and a qualified vocabulary so as to produce poems full of language styles that are difficult to understood yet able to keep the reader entertained. The steps for writing a poem are as follows;
Defining the Theme

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The first step is to determine the theme you want to write about. This step will help determine the language style of the poem that corresponds to a predetermined theme. For example, the theme of struggle, then the selection of diction or word selection will be adjusted to the war and vice versa
Setting Up a Title

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After determining the theme then the next step is to choose the desired title when creating the poem. The title to be created will certainly be related to the previously desired theme. To create a poem title does not have to be at the time of the beginning of the creation of the poem. It can also be written by the time the poem has been completed. So there is no rule whatsoever that is bound by whether the title of the poem must be present at the beginning of the creation of the poem or at the end of the creation of the poem. It is recommended for those novice writers who are difficult to find a title, it is better to make a title at the end only.
Defining Keywords

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If there is already a theme and title of the poem, the next step is to determine the keywords. The benefit of keywords when writing poetry is that it makes it easier for writers to develop words because keywords aim to be directed so that the imagination and ideas of the author appear.
Diction selection
At the beginning of the introduction it has been mentioned regarding diction. Diction is the choice of words from a writer that corresponds to the writing in each stanza. To get diction is to increase the vocabulary and experience of reading writers who are able to be used as writing reference material.
Start reading many books, especially collections of poems that can help the vocabulary treasury. Writers who have a lot of vocabulary will be able to create a diction that further deepens the meaning. To make it even more interesting, the diction used in writing poetry is a unique diction so that it becomes the hallmark of a writing.
Developing Poetry
After doing these four steps, the next step is to develop poetry. The way to develop poetry can be done by starting to recompose the words in the poem that have been prepared to make it look more beautiful and comfortable to read both by the author or by the reader. Please pay attention again to every language that is in the poem.
Those are some of the techniques in writing poetry that can be a reference material for those who are interested in the world of poetry writing. Another method that can be used is to focus for a few minutes to find ideas and write down some lists of words that come to mind. In creating an idea, the idea of writing, it is not necessary to use long-winded language, use only short words.
Please be aware that a poetry writer will always find the reader a different interpretation with the true intent of the author. Such incidents have been common in the world of authorship so the author’s cleverness in stringing words allows the ca framer not to misinterpret the poem written.
Bandaging the discussion yak with people relevant to what was written will help improve the way the poem should be written.